What is the best screen protector?

Screen protectors have been a  standard accessory for nearly all smartphones. Most people would prefer to protect their screen well rather than break it accidentally and have to replace it at a high cost. Here comes another problem: What is the best screen protector? Tempered glass has now become a mainstream in this field for all kinds of mobile devices. Basically, it has some unique features as below:


  1. Thickness is now ultra-thin, however people may think too thin will affect it’s protection performance. However with tempered glass protectors this is not the case, they are many times stronger than regular screen protectors. Currently, 0.15mm, 0.2mm and 0.3mm thickness are available in the market while 0.3mm remains the most popular. For those who prefer to keep your screen slim, imikoko 0.15mm tempered glass screen guard would be a wise choice.


  1. The screen should be clear and HD design, when it covers the whole screen, it should not affect the visibility, touch sensitivity or influence the screen resolution. HD design and touch-friendly features are indispensable for a quality tempered glass screen protector.

high definition screen protector

  1. Regardless of anti-shatter or anti-explosion function, good tempered glass hardness should be up to 9H. The old times for PET screen protector has gone, as tempered glass hardness is at least 5 times stronger. Try to do a blade and scratch test before choosing a screen protector. See the picture below for the difference between normal ones and our imikoko 9H screen guard.

anti scratch screen shield

  1. Your smartphone standard glass surface is easy to stain with oil, dust or fingerprints. Good screen protectors should have oleo phobic coating that prevents fingerprints and smudges.


  1. For the best screen protector, shatter proof is the last but not the least feature. Most screen protector workmanship and technology application is hard to say from the surface alone. Before doing bulk orders (especially helpful for distributor or wholesale), a bend test can be an effective way to identify screen quality. Broken lines tell the quality: Normal ones will break irregularly while high quality glass will form a mesh to avoid any injury from broken glass shards.

shatter proof best screen protector

Screen shield is classified into different kinds including anti-blue ray, privacy protector, titanium alloy screen protector. We will introduce all them to you one by one in imikoko blogs.

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