Privacy 9H Tempered Glass – Fashionable & Safe Screen Protector

Everyone is talking about privacy protection. But in our daily life, private information usually leaks out in public from time to time. If you are worried about people viewing your smartphone screen in the crowded elevator? Are you worried about confidential information being seen accidentally? We have the solution! All these problems can be easily solved by a piece of imikoko “dark” glass? Let’s show you how powerful this dark tempered glass is.


  1. Dark and smooth surface

Despite looking like any other tempered glass covers this privacy tinted tempered glass cover has powerful visibility limiting attributes that distinguish it from normal glass covers.

Better than ever iPhone screen protector

  1. Limited visibility

The screen is only visible to those who directly face it. Screen information begins to fade from 30°, proving its ability to protect your personal information. Fine workmanship and accurate cutouts can be seen from the picture.

Privacy 9H iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus Tempered Glass


  1. Imikoko 9H Tempered Glass—Blade off

Imikoko privacy tempered glass is dirt and scratch resistant. It can protect your information security and also your phone screen. For business elite and those who care about privacy,  this anti-peep tempered glass cover is the perfect screen protector for you.

anti -scractch and blade-off tempered glass

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