How to choose the right phone case?

There are many different types of phone cases these days, most of which can generally be divided into different categories by the material they are made of: PC, TPU, silicon, leather and wood case. With millions of selections, people may pay hundreds of dollars on their phone case while most of them actually just worth tens of dollars. Imikoko recently conducted a survey of current phone cases by analyzing the materials pros and cons. The comparisons and result will be great help in deciding which case to buy.

Silicone was very popular a few years ago, as it can protect the phone well and be designed into various looks, minions for example. It’s a soft, flexible material that makes excellent protective cases. However it can also be quite sticky, which can make it difficult to clean. People who like cartoons likes them, but some people also think most silicon cases have a cheap and unattractive look. An oil-coating can keep the rubber case clean and smooth.

PC (Polyurethane for short) is the most versatile of the plastics among phone case materials. It can be moulded into different shapes, soft or hard. PC phone case are most likely to have functional features like a kick stand. Some PC phone case are waterproof and dust-proof as well. For those who like to keep your phone in your pocket, PC cases are easy to grip and hold. Cons are that PC cellphone case might have a strange smell and not be so durable. Make sure you have the non-odour good quality PC case.

Real leather case is made from the hide of cows, pigs or other animals. Synthetic leather is made from different types of plastic, most commonly polyurethane and polyester, and it is usually known as PU leather. Leather cases are a classic design and they never goe out of style. Sometimes you can also get leather purses and travel bags designed specially for carrying cell phones and smartphones.

Wooden cases are the latest design material in the phone case field. Most manufactures and dealers sell bamboo wood case, which is viewed as “green” and environmentally friendly. However, wood cases made with cherry, redwood and other wood types. Wood cases are highly customized, as it can be easily engraved with your name, logo or anything else.

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